Monday, 28 January 2013

Brown Rice Salad

Brown Rice Salad

Every Christmas holidays, I like to find a new recipe which becomes a favourite while entertaining over the festive season.  These Christmas holidays was no different. This recipe came from a friend of a friend and now I've given thisBrown Rice Salad recipe to most of my friends. Its healthy, fresh and goes deliciously with barbecues or whatever really! 

1 cup of brown rice
1 red capsicum diced
60 g of roasted unsalted cashews
2 tbl of roasted sunflower seeds
2 tbl of cranberries
4 shallots sliced finely
3 tbl of chopped parsley

1/3 of a cup sunflower oil
4 tbl tamari (light,organic soy sauce)
2 bls lemon juice
1 clove crushed garlic

Boil the rice for about 25 minutes.

Toast the sunflower seeds until golden and add with the cashews and cranberries

Chop the capsicum, shallots, parsley and mix through the rice.

Combine the dressing ingredients , shake and pour through the rice salad.

As you can see, the salad takes on a beautiful, golden, glossy texture. Its best served at room temperature but I've also heated the leftovers and eaten it as a meal on its own!

Enjoy xx

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